Frequently Asked Questions

SongHippo is a marketplace where Buyers can hire Artists to make personalized video performances incorporating the music of the Buyer's choice. The transactions are facilitated by SongHippo, ensuring a safe experience for Artists and Buyers alike.
No. Buyers and Sellers can join for free, set up accounts and connect over the site.
SongHippo charges a small fee on transactions conducted through our service. Artists and Buyers only pay if they conduct a transaction.
The Tip Jar is our term for the escrow service. Escrow is the safest and easiest way to conduct transactions online.
When you find an artist you want to record your performance, you deposit their fee in the Tip Jar. The funds are held in escrow, meaning that the Artist doesn't have the ability to withdraw them right away. After the artist records the performance for you, you'll get a chance to review it. If you like it and you're happy with the Artist's work, you release the funds from the Tip Jar, paying the Artist.
All gigs have a set deadline. If the Artist misses their deadline, you don't have to pay and the gig is cancelled.
You don't have to pay for it. We do ask, however, that you try to work it out with the Artist before cancelling the job. Sometimes doing something creative is a process. Other times, it just doesn't work out. We get it, either way.

If you choose not to pay for the performance, the link does not go live.

Song Hippo, Inc. retains all rights to performances contracted over the site.
The song will remain available via the link provided for a period not exceeding sixty calendar days. After the song expires, the link will no longer work and the performance will not be available for viewing.
The money is placed in escrow to assure the Artist that it's there and that the Buyer is willing to pay. You do not, however, have to transfer that money to the Artist if you're not satisfied with their performance.
If you're unable to find the song you want, go ahead and check out GigCentral. You can post the job there and see if an artist can oblige. We also recommend GigCentral if you have other requirements, such as a language you cannot find on SongHippo or something else.
GigCentral is SongHippo's offering for those times when you can't find an Artist who performs the song you want. GigCentral allows you to request a performance of any song. Artists receive notifications when new gigs go up. Those who feel they can deliver the performance you want will make an offer on your gig. You do not have to accept any Artist's offer to perform your song. Whether or not you hire them is completely up to you.